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Welcome to TIA2000

TIA2000 is the best airline to show you and connect you,

with the Caribbean.


Our island neighbours are closely strung together but they differ

from one another vividly in culture, scenery, customs and fun times.


From the centuries old presence of Britain in Barbados, to the flair and panache of French Martinique - the latin beats of Trinidad/Tobago to the pristine waters of other airline service is better suited to provide you with comfort, with care and with an enviable reputation for service and reliability.


The whales that frolic around Dominica, the mystique of the jungles of Guyana, the flavours of Guadeloupe - we know them all.

Our staff and personnel will gladly help you plan your comings and your goings.....we'll cater to your needs even if you aren't really sure of what they may be.


Let us be your guide - let us make your journeys the most exciting

and fulfilling.....


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